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This is the homepage af the Yehia Framework.

The Yehia Framework contains consists of a core (mainly plugin functionality) and additional subsystems.

The subsystems are:

  • Script - Interface your C++ programs to scripting languages easily.
  • Net - Platform independent networking classes.

Important notes
Releases prior to 0.5.0 contained the libsigcx (libsigc++ extras) library. It has, as of version 0.5.0, been split out into its own package.

Yehia's Script subsystem allows for write-and-compile-once scripting wrappers of C++ interfaces that are able work with several scripting languages. Yet, only Python is supported (and there is limited support for Guile) but others will follow. Contributions are always welcome.

Apps using Yehia

I am also writing a SQL Library called GQL that uses Yehia. Visit its homepage for more information.

If you have written some piece of software using Yehia, please mail me, and I will list it here.

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Andreas Rottmann