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You can circumvent the compilation process by using pre-packaged binaries.
Right now there are the following Packages available:
  • Debian. The Yehia Debian packages, maintained by myself, are in unstable (sid), in testing (upcoming sarge) and the released Debian 3.0 (woody). See the the unstable and testing and stable lists.
You will have to fulfill some system requirements to successfully compile and install Yehia:
  • GCC/G++ 2.95.2 or higher. Available from your distribution or GCC Homepage.
  • You also need SigCX, an extension to the libsigc++ signal framework for C++.
  • You need GTK+ and/or GLib, a library of usful C routines. They are bothe available from the GTK+ homepage. If you don't need the scripting wrapper of the SigCX GTK+ dispatcher, you need to install only the rather small GLib.
  • For the scripting subsystem, you need Boehm's GC (garbage collector), available from your distribution or from here.
  • If you want to use scripting plugins, you will have to install one or more of the following scripting languages:
Once you successfully compiled and installed all the above resources, you should be ready to get the Yehia Sources from it's Sourceforge download page.
The compilation and installation follow the standard scheme:

./configure configuration-args
./make install # do this as root

The configure script should be able to figure all things out without the need to specify any configuartion-args, but if you run into trouble or want to fine-tune Yehia, you can use several flags to control the configuration process.
You might also want to use '--enable-static' if you need a static library and '--enable-debug' for debugging symbols. See './configure --help' for more options.
Here is an example:

tar -xzf yehia-0.5.1.tar.gz
cd yehia-0.5.1
./configure --with-gtk --enable-static
./make install # do this as root

If you encounter any problems during install or have other questions, please feel free to send me a mail, or rather use the mailing list.

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