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2003-01-06: Yehia 0.5.2 released
This release involves quite some changes, the most significant being:
  • The whole directory, library and namespace structure has been overhauled for consitency. Namespace 'uC' has been renamed to 'Yehia'. The framework is now split among several libraries, the core (plugin system) is in libyehia.
  • The scripting language support was completly seperated into its own subsystem (Yehia-Script), and the languages are managed by Yehia::Script::LanguageManager instead of Yehia::PluginManager.
  • The plugin paths have changed from 'ucxx-X.Y/plugins' to 'yehia-X.Y/plugins'. Also, there are no seperate directories for native and scripting plugins.
  • ucxx-igen is now named yehia-igen
Sorry for the inconvinience this causes, but the whole Yehia/uCXX double-naming that evolved for historic reasons, was just confusing.
26. 9. 2002: Yehia 0.5 release series begun

As of version 0.5.1, Yehia's plugin subsystem uCXX installs the all files (including plugins) with the release name (0.5) embeded into the path. This way future releases can be installed in parallel.

30. 5. 2002: Yehia 0.4.0 is out
  • Implemented a scripting interface generator (ucxx-igen) to simplify the generation of scripting glue.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Bugfixes.

14. 3. 2002: Yehia 0.3.0 is out
  • Big overhaul of the scripting system. Python support should work really well now, Guile/GOOPS support is broken due to a GOOPS bug.

21. 11. 2001: Yehia 0.2.1 is out
  • Fixes for building with g++ 3.0.

28. 10. 2001: Yehia 0.2.0 is out
  • Changed overall project name to Yehia due to name clashes with this project.

8. 8. 2001: uC++ 0.1.0 is out
  • Rewrote scripting interface from scratch, abandoning SWIG.

18. 9. 2000: uC++ 0.0.2 is out
  • Now using a hierarchical plugin structure.

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